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Cauterizer - A Gimbles Mini-Fic
“You have nothing to offer me anymore, my reptilian chum. I have your sanity and his soon enough, and you have nothing else of value to me, so if you want to bargain over this like a damn fool, you’ll have to find some other sap to listen to you.”
Gimbles spat on the cobbles as he marched through the Hollow City with purpose. His most recent little chat with Sheogorath had been as infuriating as ever, but it doesn’t do to blame the Mad God for making one mad.
If one Daedra couldn’t fix this, he’d find another who would.
He stopped briefly before the imposing facade of the Chapel of Light that towered above the city. You know what you’re doing, he told himself. What needs to be done. He sighed, nodded with worried determination, and climbed the steps to the temple doors.
“My dear Rus-Meht! Are you well?” Meridia’s pleasant voice echoed through the Chapel as she saw him enter.  She still called him by h
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Family Feud :iconslayersyrena:SlayerSyrena 81 17 Skyrim is Strange - Time Warp :iconhellomynameised:HelloMyNameIsEd 36 62
Matchmaker, Matchmaker...
“Oh, Gimbles…he has my heart in stitches,” Willow sighed wistfully.
The dapper Argonian fellow in a green suit stood by the fire at the center of the Ghost Sea Trading Company’s Ebonheart Chateau, strumming a lute as he and the elegant Dunmer woman beside him carried on a conversation in hushed tones. Across the fireplace, two of their friends, the burly Nord Brinsingr and the Dunmer Tarveth, clashed in a series of practice duels in the Chateau’s makeshift arena. Willow’s eyes longingly followed Tarveth as he darted around the room, leveling swings of his greatsword at his opponent who was clearly throwing the matches deliberately, as he danced around barehanded and bare…well…everything’d.
Gimbles-in-the-Wabe nodded thoughtfully, used to Brin running around naked or nearly so. “I know. I’m sorry he’s such a reluctant little shit.”
“It wouldn’t be so frustrating if Brin hadn’t already propose
:iconimacrazytrekkie:imacrazytrekkie 3 2
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Amber Edwards
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
New Zealand
I think the thing I've discovered I've liked the most since joining the DA community three years ago is that I love reading about how my art is received - especially if I've done that art starring another person's OC, or only their OC. I was a painfully shy noob in the early days but these days I am beginning to understand how the mystical force known as commissioning works, and I am interested in giving it a try.

I have had two commissions prior to this journal post and am intrigued in doing more - provided I have interested customers out there, of course! I love doing all things fantasy. My style is, as my gallery proclaims, strongly linear-based and I have a strong focus on character movement, pose, expression and composition. I still consider myself a learning artist but I am very keen to share my skills on a commissioned level. It would be good experience for me in a working aspect too, as I am considering a career in art, particularly centered around graphic stuff, and for now I am taking a gap year between school and tertiary studies in order to recover my health.

If you would like to commission me:
-I check my DeviantArt inbox every day, flick me a note and I'll get back to you asap.
-I can work either in black and white or in colour, whatever you prefer. I'm capable of doing commissions very fast.
-I am open to negotiating prices depending on the size and content of the work. I won't take payment until after the product is finished and to your satisfaction. PayPal is my preferred method of payment.
-If you have Skype, you are more than welcome to watch me while I work.
-I will be taking on only one or two commissions at any one time: quality over quantity!

Thank you kindly for your attention and have yourselves a lovely arty day :)
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  • Reading: Warriors
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Add a few decades to their lives and now who's the sibling getting presents in bed? :dummy:
:iconnorroendyrd: was quite moved upon learning of Tarveth's recent difficulties - and thus, every single one of her lovely toons sent him a personalized letter with an attachment, which came through the inbox while I was logged in on Thalya. Those letters were glorious and I knew I had to make some goofy art about it.

Know that while Thalya is sensible and steadfastly dedicated to her family and especially to her brother, she is still that annoying know-better-than-you all little sisters grow up to be, when such an occasion calls for it! And Tarveth never did have much heart to contradict her, so all he can do is do what he does best; moan, sulk and pretend he's somewhere else.
Those two are such doofs and I love 'em so hard for it, I freely admit.
126 deviations
Little Thalya's Birthday
Ever since I got the code for the pony guar pet in October last year this image has been dancing around my brain fully formed. Five months later I gave in. :squee: 
Ahh, back in the good old glory days of House Dren...
Commission: Cryspin the Charad
Hooray, my third commission! :D :icon1tiptip1: asked me to draw her character Cryspin, who is a Charad, a creature of her own creation.
Penning those big glorious wings were a labour of love, but feathers!!! Heart 

This delightful reference sheet of the Charad was a major help while constructing and colouring Cryspin.
A Touch of Madness
Tarveth has not had a good day.

First, his sister finds out - and not from him - about his lycanthropy and previous vampirism, which he had withheld from his letters to her; resulting in the bitterest argument they'd had in many years.
Tarveth can't bear conflict of any kind with his beloved sibling. That alone would have driven him to the pub to drink his sorrows away. Instead, remembering what happened last time he got thoroughly drunk, he tried to take his mind off the fight and instead headed to the Mages Guild in Stormhold to tackle some mercenary work.
The end result of that 'work' was nothing short of utter torment for him; by Meridia's will he'd fulfilled not only the Pact, but the Covenant and Dominion questlines as well. Being forced to slay apparitions of the friends he had made during Cadwell's Silver/Gold for the amusement of a Daedric Prince left him exceptionally miserable.
As a result his mind, fragmented and crookedly healed first from the incident that cost him his eye, then from his four years of hell as a soul-shriven in Coldharbour, is starting to splinter again.

No, all is not well with him, no indeed.


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bloody-jay Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
*tiny turtle throws marshmellows*
imacrazytrekkie Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
<.< >.> Casually drops this here since I can't get on til tomorrow:…
HelloMyNameIsEd Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017
Okay, so two things:

One, "Flight of the Silverbird" may be my new favorite TSFH song now and it is totally now Tarveth's theme song in my head, so thanks for telling me about it!

Two, I found epic Viking music that would totally fit to be Brin's theme song and I thought you might like to hear it:… . :D
ShoutFinder Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eheh, though you might like that one :D

And I very much like the linked music you sent me - ooh man, what a story awaits me, if it totally fits Brin... I can't wait until you nail out his story completely, and then I'm going to listen to To Valhalla again.
Yeah, I'm really musically-oriented so TSFH is just wonderful for me.

To be honest I still don't really know his full story myself. There has been a bit of "making it up as I go" in my ESO RP sessions with him when it involves his history. While I will remember what I've said already and will incorporate it into his story, some points may still be subject to change. I've got to live up to the hype that "To Valhalla" has instilled, after all!
TerribilisScriptor Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
question: how about comissions? i really like your style but could not find a sheet for comissions or even a note that sayed if you do them at all.
ShoutFinder Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, thank you for your interest! I'm open to doing commissions but I haven't got an official commissions page set up yet - I am negotiable with price and will take payment after completion of the product.
Skyflower51 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Happy birthday, Shout!!!!! :D :happybounce: :squee: :party:
Your present is coming soon...
ShoutFinder Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tight Hug Thank you so much!!! I can't wait! 
Skyflower51 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm just putting the finishing touches together now, it should be about five or ten minutes. :) It's nothing as incredible as your wonderful 'Skyborn,' but I still hope it'll make you smile!
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